Trick Pony A Treat To Country Music Airwaves And Your CD Collection

Halloween may have be over, but here’s one more trick for you, and it is quite a treat. Meet Trick Pony, a new trio that is kicking country up a few notches. Lead singer Heidi Newfeild’s raspy and very powerful voice can be compared to a Bonnie Raitt or Janis Joplin. Coupled with guitarist Keith Burns and bassit Ira Dean, the trio creates perfect three-part harmony.

Trick Pony’s self-titled debut starts of with an explosive and countrified “Pour Me,” which sets the stage for the rest of what follows: a rockin’ country album that could be the soundtrack to every corner barroom.

Aside from “Pour Me,” the gem of this album is the incredibly catchy “On a Night Like This.” A country song that actually utters the word “SEX” has got to be cool! Okay, it’s not quite what you think. A girl’s daddy warns her about the opposite sex, but one night she realizes she just may want some lovin’.

Another barroom romp is “Party of One,” a sure slap in the face to any man who repeatedly stands his woman up. To get back at a lover guilty of this act, this rousing song has a woman booking a table for two, and makes him wait. And wait. How’s that feel, honey?

Like Tequila? Grab a shot of the calypso-tinted “One in a Row.” Broke? The clever and catchy “Spent” will become your new personal anthem! The trio is joined by a superstar duo of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings on the Cash-penned “Big River”.

Heidi hands over the lead vocals to Ira in “Just What I Do” which brings characters from history, Jesse James and the Wright Brothers, back to life. Keith gets his shot on the nifty “Can’t Say That on the Radio,” where a man calls a “Cryin, Lovin’, Laughin’ or Leavin'” type show to talk about an ex-lover, but the DJ tells him, “I’d really like to help you out, but you can’t say that on the radio!”

The trio is joined by a superstar duo of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings on the Cash-penned “Big River.”

So, Trick Pony can rock the jukebox, but what about the tear-in-my-beer type songs? Heidi may appear to be a real rocker, but “Now Would Be the Time” and “Stay in a Moment” exemplify a sweeter and softer side of Trick Pony.

Just for fun, they threw in “No Hidden Track,” which is basically a recording studio blooper track, which shows the group’s sense of humor.

Trick Pony has created a spectacular debut album that is very much country, and that’s something you don’t find too much anymore in country music. There’s one more piece of ear candy to fill your Trick (Pony) or Treat.

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