Sarah Kelly: Christian Musician Profile

It is always hard to be an upcoming new artist today, and even harder to be an upcoming Christian artist. We hear stories of Rubin Studdard and others being dropped from their labels, but there are other artists who are making it big.

Many times it’s because of their unique sound or the power behind their vocals and how they bring the songs on the albums across to the audiences. Sarah Kelly has been gathering a following because of her unique vocals and music. She has made quite a splash on the Christian scene in 2004 with her debut album “Take Me Away.”

Sarah began writing songs at the young age of seven years old. It was at her local church where she found out her songs can be turned into worship songs and worked on her writing and singing skills.

“You Overwhelm Me” an independent project she did in 2000 was created when she served as worship leader for the Master’s Commission, which is a discipleship training program for students 18 years and older. When her indie work began circulating around the industry, insiders began to take real notice of her.

Before her album with Gotee was scheduled to debut, she already had concerts all over the country, range 150 to 200 concerts a year. When her album finally hit the shelves, it hit with a bang. picked Kelly as one of the best new artists of that year. She has been on tour with Jars of Clay and even played a part on their “Redemption Songs” CD where she lends her vocals to the song “I’ll Fly Away.”

Though she had great success, she was hiding a past she was unable to face at the time. Sarah feels writing music is a way “to communicate emotional honesty” as she told the magazine Christianity Today.

Her sophomore CD “Where The Past Meets Today” is one full of emotional honesty and about pushing through some of life’s toughest obstacles. Kelly describes this album as being a mix between Keith Green and Led Zeppelin, earthy tones meets classic rock. During one of her shows for college students and young adults, she stopped in the middle of the song.

She reached for her journal and began reading. She told the people in the audience about her most secret and dark moments. When asked if anyone has ever had that happen to them. She didn’t have and alter call or preach; they simply came on their own and she stopped the show and began to pray with everyone there. That had to be one of the most powerful moments in ministry.

She spends her time touring and reaching the lives of so many. She teaches piano to as many people as she could. Her music and her words captive so many around her.

Her testimony is one like no other. She has overcome so much and has become one of the top female Christian artists of today. Once you hear just one of her songs your heart will be moved and you will want to know and hear more of Sarah Kelly.

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