Illeven Eleven Recordings: Breakbeat Label Feature

In 2004 Illeven:Eleven Recordings (i11) was started up by Keith MacKenzie mainly as an outlet for his remix work with DJ Fixx (Paul Caudill) as KMFX. In its few short years of existence, he has released some of the most prolific breakbeat tracks coming out of a US-based label, with remix and original work already released by some of the biggest names in breaks worldwide, including Autobots, Influenza, Splitloop, and Paradox 3000 (JDS’ Darren Pearce amp; Angel Farringdon).

Upcoming releases include remixes of Mic Perri’s (MC Flipside’s other guise) ‘Have A Nice Day’ done by another big name in US breaks, Agent K (Kerry Lane) and his production partner DJ Bella (Natalie Rockefeller) who are our featured DJs this month ( Also look for a remix by KMFX on that release.

Off in the future expect a release of another KMFX original featuring MC Flipside and female vocal sensation Mandy.

A rarity in this day and age, all i11 releases come complete (much in the way of Fingerlickin’ Records releases) with cool cover art amp; corresponding label art on the record, all created by Darcy Reenis. Keith says of this “I am really into art and what my designer creates and I feel like the art creates more of a package–more of a memory; signs of the times.”

With all of i11’s success, it has already sprouted an offshoot label called illBeatz, already out with its first release, Kem’s ‘Voodoo Hex’ with remix by KMFX of course. illbtz002 is going to be Agent K’s ‘Hacksaw’ still awaiting remix work from UK producer D-Ranged.

Keith solely owns and operates i11, but when it comes to marketing and promo he gets a hand from two other breakbeat scenesters. “I get alot of help from Krisp (Greenville, SC DJj/producer) and Shaykee (Tampa, FL DJ/producer). They are my right hand men.” Keith continues “Krisp does alot. I really appreciate his work.”

Keith MacKenzie has recently relocated to the midwest from Tampa FL, now working and living in a northern suburb of Chicago, IL.

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