A Guide to Coffee Drinks

I’ve been a coffee drinker since my teen years. Over that time I’ve come to enjoy many different kinds of coffee drinks and different coffee blends. There are endless varieties of coffee roasts and methods of brewing. There many coffee drinks and variations on them to please just about anyone.

Here are five great coffee drinks to consider trying.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is made with hot coffee, Irish Whiskey, fresh cream and sugar. It’s a simple recipe that goes great on a cold winter’s day. I like Irish Coffee as a nice after dinner or desert drink. A Variation on this recipe is adding Irish Cream liqueur for the cream to give it an extra sweetness.


Espresso is a concentrated coffee made by forcing hot water through very finely ground coffee. Espresso is usually made from very dark roast beans. Because it is so highly concentrated, espresso is often used in other coffee drinks like Cappuccino. When taken alone, it usually served in much smaller cups than regular coffee. I like the bold shot of flavor espresso gives. A real eye-opener. It’s easy to make if you have a machine, and its the fastest.


Cappuccino is a very recognizable coffee drink. Real cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso topped with steam-frothed milk. A cappuccino has a distinctive thick milk foam on top. Flavor syrups are often added to cappuccinos for variety.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is nice when I want coffee but it is just too hot outside. To make iced coffee properly, there is a cold brewing method of producing a coffee concentrate. This concentrate is then poured over ice so that the flavor doesn’t get watered down by the ice. The cold brew produces a less bitter flavor and is less acidic. This concentrate can also be mixed with hot water to make hot coffee and can be used to make other coffee drinks


A Mocha is simply a latte with chocolate syrup added. The chocolate flavor seems to naturally complement the coffee flavor. Mocha can be served either hot or cold. They can be topped with sweetened whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Cafe Bueno

Cafe Bueno is another alcohol containing coffee drink. Cafe Bueno is made by adding brandy and KahluaTM, or other coffee liqueur to hot coffee. Whipped cream tops it off and provides a barrier to keep the alcohol from evaporating out of the drink. This is another great after-dinner and desert drink to compliment any dinner.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying coffee. Whether you just enjoy a regular cuppa joe or you like to be adventurous, something can be found to suit your taste.

Tips to Extend Your Digital Camera’s Battery Life

Since my country is under lockdown because of the coronavirus, i decided to find myself a new hobby. I decided I’d try photography, since I’ve always liked taking pictures on my smartphone. I started searching the web and i found this article¬†during my research. They had some great recommendations so i decided to pick myself a canon camera. I’ve been loving it, however…

One of the few negatives about owning a Digital Camera is the rechargeable battery found in each device. While each battery might vary in size, color, and shape, they all seem to have one common problem: they never last as long as you’d like them to. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to help fix this problem and in the process, squeeze the most life out of your Digital Camera’s batteries.

The 5 Quick Ways You Can Extend Your Cameras Life

Overusing The LCD

One of the easiest ways to find yourself with no batteries is to overuse the LCD on your camera. While this feature is extremely convenient at times, it is the one that hogs up the most battery life. Turning off this feature and using the camera’s viewfinder can conserve precious minutes of battery life and will allow you to take many more pictures. If you absolutely must have the LCD screen, consider dimming the brightness a bit. This will conserve some power and is usually a very good solution unless under direct sunlight.


Don’t get trigger-happy! Try to prevent pressing the shutter button halfway. Doing this will begin the picture taking process and will successfully drain all of your battery if done frequently. To avoid this, press the shutter button only when you are absolutely certain that you are ready to take a picture.

Stop Previewing!

Minimize previewing pictures. It is always fun to show your pictures to friends and relatives but if you really want to extend battery life, refrain from doing this as much as possible. Previewing pictures on your digital camera uses the LCD screen, which, as explained above, is a huge battery hog. To minimize this process simply wait until you are home and transfer the pictures to your computer. From there you can e-mail them or even preview them from your computer.


Limit the zoom use on your camera. The small motor that moves the lens back and forth uses power. Consider the type of picture you are taking and use your best judgment as to when zoom is really necessary. Avoiding its use will conserve precious minutes of battery life.

Charge them often

Lastly, and possibly the simplest tip to extend your camera’s battery life, charge your batteries as often as possible. Most digital cameras use Lithium ion batteries that, unlike older alkaline batteries, work better and last much longer when charged frequently.

These five tips while simple and easy to do, will allow you to take many more pictures by successfully extending your digital camera’s battery life.

5 Most Important Guitar Accessories You Should Have

If you are a new guitarist you probably have just your guitar by now and an amp if you are playing an electric guitar. However, you will see very soon that you will need a wide set of accessories to keep your playing at the highest level. But as you will soon see the number of accessories you can buy is simply endless, and to be honest you really do not require each of them, yet. Soon you will but today I will give you a foundation of what you should have to get started, and of course you can build upon that after a while. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The Most Important Accessories You Should Have


The first and the most important guitar accessory you should buy or get is a guitar case or a gig bag. This is extremely crucial for a variety of reasons the most important of them being, is because a gig bag allows you to transport your guitar, well to gigs, and also other places. On top of that, I would recommend you store your guitar in a gig bag when not in use to keep your guitar well-protected at all times.


Next up you should be ready to invest in some spare guitar strings because as you know a guitar has strings and those are pretty fragile, to be honest, so they will break from time to time. So it is important to keep a set of spare strings so your playing is not cut in half. I would recommend you keep at least the exact same kind of strings that are present on the guitar so you won’t have to change the sound, but you can also keep different kinds if you want to swap in between.


Tuners are extremely important for a guitarist, regardless of experienced or newcomer, you will need to tune your guitar. Even if your guitar has excellent tuning machines and a bridge, it will get out of tune from time to time. A tuner will help you keep things in check and adjust when needed.


A capo is also very important to have in your arsenal as it will allow you to get into different tunings and play various songs. It is very fun to experiment with it and regardless if its a normal capo or an advanced one it is great to have.


You got everything to start playing, but most of the stage playing is done while standing, and you can’t really carry a guitar on your hands without sacrificing movement. For that reason, a strap is very important to keep the guitar on your neck at all times.


The RIAA has recently reported that it will no longer pursue litigation against those will illegal share or obtain music on the internet. Instead this will be left in the heads of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

This is a drastic change in policy and procedure over the past five years. Now if RIAA notices illegal file sharing, a warning e-mail to the ISP of the person who is involved would be sent. This email would then be forwarded to the specific individual in violation. The person would be expected to stop and if not an additional email and eventual termination of internet service would occur.

I see some major downfalls with this procedure that I have not seen too many others discussing. However, many may not see them as downfalls but as opportunity.

Nowadays, it is possible to use internet from a variety of different ways for free. You can often stop in a restaurant, coffee shop, or caf√© and use free internet. Therefore, you could just continually do this and only download illegal music when you are using somebody else’s internet.

This could affect those who offer customers free internet. The ISPs may become annoyed and irritated and want to stop customers from using their internet for music sharing. This could cause these businesses to take stronger action against customers. This would not be a good situation for many customers and also hurt businesses.

Another problem with the RIAA working with ISPs is that this does not target those who provide services and websites where you can obtain free music. This is usually set up through some company who registers a domain name and some company who hosts that domain.

This is different than an ISP. Those who host such websites where you can download music is not the same as an ISP. It is not clear how the RIAA will target these individuals.

Many have considered the RIAA to have taken ridiculous steps against those who have shared music online. For example, a dead person was victim to such a lawsuit and so was a 13 year old girl. These lawsuits certainly have no ground. In addition, many artists have not seen any money payed from such lawsuits.

The other issue is that it is estimated that 20% of people share music online. I do not see how it is possible for the ISPs to be able to eliminate such a large percentage of their customer base. This is simple as more customers equals more money.

The RIAA tries to argue that ISPs now have aligned incentives with the music industry but I do not see how this holds any ground.