5 Most Important Guitar Accessories You Should Have

If you are a new guitarist you probably have just your guitar by now and an amp if you are playing an electric guitar. However, you will see very soon that you will need a wide set of accessories to keep your playing at the highest level. But as you will soon see the number of accessories you can buy is simply endless, and to be honest you really do not require each of them, yet. Soon you will but today I will give you a foundation of what you should have to get started, and of course you can build upon that after a while. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The Most Important Accessories You Should Have


The first and the most important guitar accessory you should buy or get is a guitar case or a gig bag. This is extremely crucial for a variety of reasons the most important of them being, is because a gig bag allows you to transport your guitar, well to gigs, and also other places. On top of that, I would recommend you store your guitar in a gig bag when not in use to keep your guitar well-protected at all times.


Next up you should be ready to invest in some spare guitar strings because as you know a guitar has strings and those are pretty fragile, to be honest, so they will break from time to time. So it is important to keep a set of spare strings so your playing is not cut in half. I would recommend you keep at least the exact same kind of strings that are present on the guitar so you won’t have to change the sound, but you can also keep different kinds if you want to swap in between.


Tuners are extremely important for a guitarist, regardless of experienced or newcomer, you will need to tune your guitar. Even if your guitar has excellent tuning machines and a bridge, it will get out of tune from time to time. A tuner will help you keep things in check and adjust when needed.


A capo is also very important to have in your arsenal as it will allow you to get into different tunings and play various songs. It is very fun to experiment with it and regardless if its a normal capo or an advanced one it is great to have.


You got everything to start playing, but most of the stage playing is done while standing, and you can’t really carry a guitar on your hands without sacrificing movement. For that reason, a strap is very important to keep the guitar on your neck at all times.

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