10 Great Songs For 2009

“Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects – This breezy, catchy anthem grows more entertaining with each spin. While not generally at the top of my list, the Reject’s latest hit is a surprisingly excellent track.

Possibly the Best line: “Truth be told, I miss you. But truth be told, I’m lyin’.” “Mercy” by Duffy – Think of a really spunky Amy Winehouse. This infectious 60’s-era sounding pop confection is a perfect follow-up to the throwback soul of Winehouse’s “Rehab.”

The song regained popularity after being heavily featured in a popular routine on So You Think You Can Dance. “LoveGame” by Lady GaGa – In the wake of “Just Dance,” this excellent track seems to have been overlooked. Equal parts futuristic techno and guilty Millennium-pop pleasure, “LoveGame” is a standout track from GaGa’s first studio album The Fame.

“You” by Rain – Sadly, the majority of J-Pop never crosses the border. Rain is one of Asia’s top stars, and this stand-out track shows why. Funky, electronic grooves dominate Rain’s repertoire, with “You” being one of the best. “Lace amp; Leather” by Britney Spears – Sometimes an artist’s best tracks go unnoticed by the general public.

Stylistically different from the majority of Circus, “Lace amp; Leather” features a sound reminiscent of Prince in his early 80’s days. “Inside the Fire” by Disturbed – This unforgettable track will get under your skin with its horrific narrative, in which Satan attempts to lure a man to Hell by the promise of a reunion with his dead girlfriend.

The song served as a nightmarish anti-suicide PSA and spawned a terrifying music video. (Warning: While the song is intense, the uncut video is extremely intense. Listener and viewer discretion advised.) “Feedback” by Janet Jackson – Life’s been rough on Ms. Janet.

Wardrobe malfunction, blacklisting, canceled tour dates. Unfortunately, her public image has hindered many from experiencing her excellent recent albums. Off of 2008’s Discipline, “Feedback” showcases a creative and revitalized Jackson. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Beyonce’s latest smash has spawned a viral video sensation, with countless individuals attempting to master the music video’s vibrant choreography.

This bouncy pop cut is considered by many to be the best song of the year. “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry – Katy took a swipe at homophobes and taboo with this energetic pop-rock anthem.

The endlessly catchy pop-rock anthem made Katy,a virtual unknown, into a superstar. Fun fact: Katy was originally a Christian contemporary music artist. “Butterfly” by Jason Mraz – Critics always seem to hate on this quirky musician from Mechanicsville, VA.

But not this time. With We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., Mraz finally got the critics and the fans on nearly the same page. “Butterfly” shows the best of Mraz’s knack for rhyme and melody.

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